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Most Beautiful Mountain in Indonesia

Take pictures selfie now like to be a trend among young people today. It can not be separated by more eksisnya a wide variety of social media in our lives. Any time an exotic location, then we will soon come to get to the venue. Hunting exotic location could become a new habit that is very exciting. A place that had not been widely recognized by society, suddenly becoming booming since the photos uploaded selfie in a wide variety of social media.

As with other regions, Banyuwangi also has many interesting places to be exposed to the public. One of them is on the rise is the Mount Watu Dodo. The location of this hill is in the exact same location with the Watu Dodo. Watu Dodo itself is a giant boulder that stood in the middle of the road axis to Situbondo and Banyuwangi is only about 2 km from the Port of Ketapang, Banyuwangi.

Hill-Watu-Dodo-1Keberadaan large rock in the middle of the road is supposed to be able to disrupt the smooth traffic, but in reality it is this stone has become the trademark and also coastal tourist attraction Watu Dodo in the south side of the highway Banyuwangi to Situbondo. Moreover, there is a mystery story contains.

Watu Dodo with a statue of a dancer gandrung icon as a sign when it is entering Banyuwangi from the north, as well as sculptures of dancers gandrung on the mountains gumitir that you will see when you enter Banyuwangi from Jember. Across Watu Dodo there is a hill that is now being developed into one of the new tourist sites that can strengthen the tourism potential in Watu Dodo.

To reach the hill visitors only stayed crossing the road towards the hill which is fitted opposite the beach Watu Dodo. The distance may be only about 300 meters and through the trail to climb. To enter the Mount Watu Dodo, visitors were only charged ticket for Rp 2000 and also the cost of parking.

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Hill-Watu-Watu Dodo DodolBukit in forest areas Perum Perhutani KPH North Banyuwangi is long known. But because so far received less attention from the public, interest in people to visit is still lacking.
After revamping here and there, the spot becomes more interesting, especially with benches placed along the wooden table to the visitor to enjoy the panoramic view of the Strait of Bali, the sudden popularity of the Mount Watu Dodo immediately improved. As a result, more and more people or tourists who are tempted to visit it. Especially after the photos Watu Dodo selfie Hill appeared in many social media. Viral effect was not unstoppable.

Mount Watu Dodo of this will look very exotic scenery Bali Strait background bluish. Visitors can see the statue Infatuated in the distance, then passing ferries, enjoying the sun rise or sunset are equally beautiful, and certainly not to be missed is berselfie ria. Alone, both or with friends definitely are equally fun.

Hill-Watu-Watu Dodo Dodo-2Pengunjung hill expected to maintain cleanliness and orderliness while in the location. Because, on the hill there is also a petilasan believed to be the tomb of Sheikh Maulana Ishak who had come to the island of Java to spread the religion of Islam.

One time Sheikh Maulana Isaac had married Princess Sekardalu, a princess from the royal Blambangan who subsequently gave birth to a baby that when adults known as Sunan Giri is one of Wali Songo who spread Islam in Java.

Seeing the enthusiasm of the visitors Bukit Watu Dodo, it is not likely the manager is motivated to improve tourist facilities in this location to make the visitors feel at home. One of them way possible to create a sort of observation post from natural ingredients like the ones in Bukit Gancik Boyolali.

Source: Travelling to Indonesia

Remove Mantan From Carpets

At the point when cleaning the pee mishap, it’s imperative to utilize a cleaner that will kill and crush the smell bringing on mixes. Both heating pop and vinegar can kill scents actually. Vinegar makes a decent stain remover also and can be utilized as a part of spot of a business cleaning specialist.

A blend of one container plain white vinegar, one glass water, and 1/4 glass heating pop can be cleaned tenderly into the recolored zone with a sodden fabric or brush. The region ought to then be permitted to dry totally, which may take from four to eight hours. After it is dry, the vinegar smell will be gone and the preparing pop can be vacuumed.

On the off chance that you like to utilize a business chemical, it’s essential to pick one that contains live compounds. These work to expel pet smells since they actually process the microorganisms that causes the disagreeable scent. The item ought to be connected by name headings.

Finding Pet Odor  You might have the capacity to recognize a pee smell yet not able to make sense of its birthplace. A fast and straightforward approach to find these concealed pee spots is to utilize a dark light. At the point when the room is dull, the dark light can be turned on and will uncover any territories of pee with a brilliant white or yellow sparkle jual karpet masjid. Once you’ve found the spot, it can be cleaned not surprisingly.

Before expelling pet smell from rug, any cleaner ought to be tried in a concealed area–such as inside a wardrobe or in a corner. The cleaner can be connected to a little region, which ought to then be checked for colorfastness after around 24 hours.


Trendy and Spacious Bedroom Wardrobe


Jasa bikin lemari

The most essential and important aspect of your bedroom includes your bed and bedroom wardrobe. Wardrobes give you extra storage capacity in your rooms without making any serious alterations to your home. However, a few things need to be taken into consideration while choosing a bedroom wardrobe.

Choosing an Appropriate Wardrobe

Bedroom wardrobe is quite indispensable as home furniture. It has many functions besides storing clothes and accessories. There are many varieties of wardrobes with different styles and prices. In fact, your bedroom is incomplete without a good wardrobe. There are quite a few things to consider before you choose a bedroom wardrobe. The first and foremost thing is the amount of space available to fit in your wardrobe.

If your bedroom is quite large, it can accommodate a walk in wardrobe with ample space. These wardrobes have a chest of drawers where you can store ties, socks, shoes and other accessories separately. Some of the wardrobes have many options like shelves that can be pulled out, pull out rails for trousers, automatic lights on the wardrobe doors and so forth.

The storage capacity of the bedroom wardrobe jasa bikin lemari should also be considered while purchasing one. Some wardrobes have excellent storage capacities like separate sections to store winter and summer clothes, long spaces to store beautiful evening gowns and suits. Wardrobes also include spaces to store hats, bags and suitcases.

Choosing an appropriate position for your bedroom wardrobe is another important aspect that adds to the decor of your room. Wardrobes with pull down hangers are also handy as you can easily pull down the hangers with handles to your height to take your clothes.

Other bedroom furniture includes bedside cabinets and storage beds but this furniture can not be used for storing clothes which are required for day to day use. It may include one or two drawers and is not specifically designed to hold clothes. This is exactly the reason why most of the people prefer wardrobes which provide ample storage facilities.

Wardrobes of Different Shapes and Sizes

Bedroom wardrobe is available in different shapes and sizes. There are wardrobes with double doors, three doors and four doors. These wardrobes can be customized according to individual preferences. Some of the various styles of wardrobes include sliding and fitted.

With a number of bedroom wardrobe manufacturers available in the online directories, you can easily choose appropriate furniture that suits your room as well as requirement. There are more than a thousand varieties of luxurious pieces of furniture that can add to the décor of your room. But it is important to choose a wardrobe that fulfills your storage requirements.

With options galore, choosing a perfect wardrobe can be done easily if you consider the few important tips mentioned above. A flawless wardrobe should appear compact and sleek in addition to being spacious inside. Since we seldom replace our furniture, it is pertinent to choose the right one.

A Quick Dinner Recipe, Chinese Design Pepper Steak

Chinese Design Pepper Steak – On those active nights when dinner appears like an obstacle to eliminate, you need some good quick supper dish ideas that take 20 mins and preference like a million. A little beef, onion, as well as pepper stir fried with a couple of flavorings, as well as you have one of those certain to please faves.

Bear in mind to begin the rice prior to preparing the Pepper Steak The rice will take a little bit longer and also must be started initially. Serve with a frozen egg roll if you like, or probably some egg drop soup. Highlight the chopsticks and have a little fun Jakarta Nasi Tumpeng.

Chinese Class Pepper Steak.

2 extra pounds boneless top round steak

1/4 mug grease, or less as needed

3 tool size green peppers, cut

1 mug very finely sliced celery

1/3 cup diced onion

2 cloves garlic, dice

1 cup beef broth

1 tsp salt

1/4 tsp pepper

1/4 mug soy sauce

1/4 cup water

2 Tablespoons cornstarch

Warm prepared rice

Slice the steak thinly across the grain. This is simpler if you partially freeze the steak.
Brown the steak in a little hot oil in a large frying pan.
Include the environment-friendly peppers, celery, onion, garlic, brew, salt and also pepper. Cover as well as simmer for 15 mins or until the vegetables and also beef are done.
Incorporate soy sauce, water as well as corn starch; mix well. Contribute to meat mixture. Chef, stirring regularly, until thickened, about 1-2 minutes.
Offer over rice, Offers 8. Chopsticks are optional.

On those busy nights when supper appears like a challenge to overcome, you need some great fast dinner recipe concepts that take 20 minutes as well as preference like a million. A little beef, onion, and also pepper stir fried with a few flavorings, and you have one of those certain to please faves. A couple of fast mixes as well as 15 mins of simmering.

Integrate soy sauce, water and also corn starch; stir well. Cook, mixing regularly, up until thickened, about 1-2 minutes.


Source : http://jakartanasitumpeng.com/nasi-tumpeng-17-agustus-special-hari-kemerdekaan.html

Places in Belitung in Indonesia

tempat wisata di belitung – Tourist sights in Belitung is often visited by vacationers both domestic and foreign. The great factor relating to this province can hypnotize the vacationers always visit. If you are a local Belitung, it isn’t to get skipped. You need to understand the homeland better if in contrast while using vacationers. For people people who school or work outdoors the province of Bangka Belitung, Eid is one kind of people moments you need to use to access know Belitung.


To be sure today the Muslims are entering the month of Ramadan. After fasting for a whole month, among people moments that will not be forgotten is always that when Eid arrives. Typically lots of people who certainly ‘re going home in order to their hometown to remain active in family. Nevertheless it feels incomplete if returning home is not an average food tasting and seeing a couple of from the famous tourist spots inside.

If yesterday happen to be spoken about on several tourist sights in Medan that needs to be visited through the Eid holiday, now will discuss appropriate travel Bangka Belitung visited when Lebaran. Not only beach tourism, no less than there are many exciting locations in Belitung who is able to make your homecoming will get to become more exhilarating. Exactly what are these sights? Here’s his review. makanan khas semarang

Report on Places in Belitung Most Engaging and Popular

pesanggrahans Menumbing

The foremost is pesanggrahan Menumbing. Menumbing relaxation house is probably the exile home located in Bukit Menumbing, near the city Muntok. Some leaders of Indonesia who was simply once exiled with this house is the Bung Karno, Bung Hatta, Commodore Surya Darma, Pringgodigdo, Assa’at, Moch Roem while others.

pesanggrahan Menumbing

pesanggrahan Menumbing

Here you will see numerous memorable photos Bung Karno still attached nicely on his desk. The item of furniture that’s here continues to be original. Not only that, here you may even see BN 10 vehicle once employed by Bung Hatta.

Waroeng Kopi Ake

Don’t admit coffee enthusiasts in the event you haven’t visited the coffee places in Belitung that certain. Waroeng Kopi Ake remains open since 1921 ago, then don’t be surprised once the people of Belitung coffee is certainly a duty that can’t be abandoned. Although including simple shop, a coffee shop frequently visited by local vacationers.

Waroeng Kopi Ake

Waroeng Kopi Ake

Here, milk and periodic milk teas would be the favourite drink you need to try. The price is extremely friendly which is not around Rp 10 1000. If you’re searching at likely to Waroeng Kopi Ake, you can check out it at Jl KV Glad 57, Tanjungpandan.

Village Namang

Next is that you may visit the Village Namang. Inside the village of Namang you’ll be able to taste most likely probably the most pricey processed mushrooms are fungus-fighting throughout Indonesia. For starters kilogram of mushrooms are frequently offered inside a price of Rp 2 million.

grain bedulang

grain bedulang

But you don’t have to invest a big budget to taste that certain. Inside the village you’ll be able to taste the grain Namang bedulang full of fungus-fighting and 6 sides inside a price of Rp 300 1000 only. The grain bedulang you’ll be able to require four or five people.

Jami ‘Muntok

Tourist sights in Belitung next Jami ‘Muntok. Did you know many of the population round the island of Bangka is of Chinese descent? Nonetheless, the harmony among religious enthusiasts continue being strong and ingrained since the first. The proof that old pagoda out and about mosque situated adjacent Muntol forever of construction.

Second location of worship can be found at Jalan Imam Bonjol No. 1, Kampung Tanjung, Kota Muntok. Although he’d been quite old, nevertheless the building remains standing strong.


Who not know Lengkuas? The region, located in Sijuk, Belitung province may also be visited by vacationers. While in comparison as well as other marine tourism, Lengkuas have distinctive characteristics, namely their high, hundreds of old light house getting a height up to 50 meters.



Within the light house you will see the attractive scenery across the island galangal. Mercuar can be a Nederlander heritage built-in 1882 ago.

Batu Balai

Should there be a legend in Padang Malin Kundang, in Bangka also provides the same legend. Legend in the Stone Hall may also be the story from the edgy child against his mother. Stone Hall itself is a big granite rock situated inside the village of Mister White-colored-colored, Sungai Daeng, Pula Bangka.

Batu Balai

Batu Balai

Granite calculating 8 x 6 meters getting a height of 5 meters is described mitip once as being a ship. And apparently mentioned the stone was an incarnation in the ship Dempu Awang, the particular edgy child stretcher. wisata di medan

Such reviews in regards to the tourist sights in Belitung must-see when going home there.

Celebrity Wedding Dress Designers


When you think about celebrity wedding dress designers I bet the first name that springs to mind is Vera Wang. Having designed wedding gowns for the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Victoria Beckham & Avril Lavigne, it is little wonder that she is the first name that springs to mind.design your own wedding dress

But other celebrity wedding dress designers you may know include Armani – Katie Holmes; Monique Lhuillier – Kate Walsh; Christian Lacroix – Christian Aguilera; John Galliano for Dior – Gwen Stefani.

Ironically, the likes of Vera Wang & Monique Lhuillier may not have even started in the wedding dress industry had it not been for their own weddings & a lack of dresses they liked. A situation which inspired both women to go ahead & design their own dresses & as the saying goes – ?the rest is history!?

But what if you want a celebrity style dress but don?t have the budget to match? Well both Vera Wang & Monique Lhuillier have ranges available in stores across the country & worldwide for that matter & although the prices are not exactly celebrity size, a dress from either of these could still set you back several thousand dollars! beach wedding guest dresses

Your best option for a dress from a well known designer is to look out for the sample sales where you can back a bargain dress for rock bottom prices, you may need to get it professionally cleaned but even with the additional cost of cleaning you will still be saving a tidy sum.

Another option is to scour the classifieds or search websites like Ebay for second hand or worn once dresses. Again you will probably grab yourself a bargain & may not even need to have it cleaned!

Many of the mainstream designers will also produce wedding dresses that are a reflection of those worn by celebrities, so you will probably find a dress that is a good match for the one you have just seen in OK! Magazine for under $1000.

Or why not take a leaf out of Vera?s or Monique?s book & make your own! Here you have two options:

?Do like a designer & design your own. You don?t need to be a skilled artist, just make a rough sketch of what you would like & take it to your seamstress. They will be able to fine tune it for you & once you?re happy they can make a pattern & set to work creating it for you.

?Search through the many ready made patterns available. Pattern companies such as Vogue, Butterick & McCall all have a fantastic range of wedding dress patterns to choose from. Many will also include vintage designs from yesteryear & exclusive designs from designers such as Vera Wang & Badgley Mischka. These will come in standard dress sizes so buy the one closest to your own size & then you seamstress can alter it to the perfect fit.

Ask around for recommendations for a good seamstress & look for someone who has experience making wedding dresses. Wedding dresses can require a certain amount of couture skills to make them look the part & to achieve the perfect fit. If your seamstress doesn?t posses these skills then it will show on the finished dress.

Ready made dress patterns usually come with a difficulty rating & you will find patterns available for all skill levels – from beginner to expert; easy to difficult. If you are making it yourself or someone close to you is, make sure you choose a pattern that is within yours or theirs capabilities. beach style wedding dresses

The Most Expensive Grapes in The World

Easy food recipes – Fruits indeed one healthful meal and have a good taste. There are many fruits that can be found both in traditional markets or in the modern supermarket. Regarding the price, variety of fruits also have different prices. There is a very cheap and some are very expensive.

Speaking about the fruit is expensive, generally a fruit that has a hefty price considering grapes. But, have you ever bought grapes that cost hundreds of millions of rupiah? Quoted from page asiantown.net, some time ago there grapes which are really fantastic.  Easy food recipes -The grapes are manifold Ruby Roman.

easy food recipes

easy food recipes

How the price is not fantastic, Ruby Roman grapes prices have reached hundreds of millions of rupiah. These grapes comes from the land of rising sun of Japan. It is said, Ruby wine is priced at 1.1 million yen, equivalent to 143 million rupiah. In one stalk, there are 30 items of grapes. easy food recipes

Each item grapes are said to have a weight of 20 grams. Red skin color and sweet taste of fresh fruit that fits. If the 30 items of grapes worth 143 million rupiah, each one grain of grapes valued Ruby 270 yen, equivalent to 4.6 million. Source : Source : http://easyfoodrecipes.xyz

Tourist Attractions in Central Sulawesi

Tourist Attractions in Central Sulawesi – Central Sulawesi is one of the provinces in Indonesia which is traversed by the equator with a hammer capital. In the vicinity of this province, we can find a wide range of objects that can be used as tourist attractions for holidays such as cultural tourism, nature tourism in the park’s forests, beaches and lakes could be an alternative choice to spend your vacation time.

Here are 10 objects as the most famous sights in Central Sulawesi’s most interesting and you can visit.

1. Talise beach

tempat wisata terbaik di POSO sulawesi Tengah

tempat wisata terbaik di POSO sulawesi Tengah

Talise beach is a beach located near the town of hammers and is one of the favorite destinations of local residents because they are away. On the beach there are white sand with the waves are quite calm that normally exploited visitors to swim, menyelan and enjoy the sunset at the end of the day.

2. Sou Raja

sou king
Sou king is the king’s dwelling house that was once ruled locally in the area of ​​Central Sulawesi. The house is made of ironwood and spinach with a wooden roof triangular shape. The existence of this house is usually a cultural tourism destination that proves that in this area in ancient times ruled by a king.

3. Tanjung Karang

beach cape coral
Cape coral beach located in the bay this hammer can be reached in a short time out of town about 30-40 minutes. This beach offers views of the beautiful beach with a blend of forest hills are quite interesting.

4. Island Pasoso

island Pasoso
Pasoso island is also known by locals as the green turtle island, because of the existence of this unique animal habitats. Pasoso island itself is located in the district balaesang, Donggala and most visited in september and november every year by visitors who want to see turtles lay their eggs.

5. Pusentasi sea Center

pusentasi marine center
Pusentasi Sea Center is a sea water wells located in the mainland and the water tasted salty and clear. Pusentasi itself means that the center of seawater or sea wells.

6. Lore Lindu National Park

Lore Lindu National Park
For those of you who like adventure activities, it is advisable to come to this Lore Lindu National Park. Mountains, lakes, flora and fauna here are very beautiful. The beach was also guaranteed a virgin. Moreover, you can also see stones from the megalithic era here. Many things can be done in the area of ​​Forest Lore Lindu National Park. Animals and protected flora can you encounter in this place.

7. Central Sulawesi Museum

museum middle selawesi
Central Sulawesi Museum is located in the center of the city of Palu. Here you can see a collection of ancient elephants and how ancient people of Central Sulawesi mix, making the fabric of the skin and so on. If you are curious about the culture and the origin of the ancestors of this city, then you are suggested to come to the Museum of Central Sulawesi.

8. Lake Poso

Poso lake
Poso Lake is a freshwater lake in Poso district which is one of the largest lakes in Indonesia. Here you can see a view of the lake with the cool air and the beautiful expanse of hills around Lake Poso.

9. Niagara Saluopa

waterfall saluopa
Niagara Saluopa are terraced waterfall with two flats which presents a view of a beautiful waterfall with the cool mountain water that besides normally used for bathing by visitors can also be drunk. At this waterfall there is also a forest area where visitors can see the flora and fauna of forests in Central Sulawesi.

10. Lutungan Island

island lutungan
Lutungan island is within 456 kilometers of Palu by road, followed by a 25 minute boat ride from the Port of Tanjung Batu. The island is located in the west of Toli-Toli in Central Sulawesi is surrounded by water and white sandy beaches. The island is considered sacred and visited by many people with the aim of seeking blessing. You do this by plugging the palm fronds into the ground and then pull it out. When the midrib being short, it means the demand is rejected, otherwise when becoming long means a request is received.

Thus some of the tourist attractions in Central Sulawesi’s most interesting to visit. If you are interested, please search for more on how to access each spot over to spend your holiday in Central Sulawesi. Source: Tempat wisata terbaik di Indonesia